Watching movies in a Home or Theatre

@krupesh (2608)
February 4, 2009 4:13am CST
Where would you like to watch a movie? In the comfort of your Home or in Theatre? I would like to watch it in a Theatre on a big screen where it is really condusive to watch a movie with lots of people where in the atmosphere is created so that we all want to watch a movie...what you say?
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• Indonesia
4 Feb 09
I often watch movies at home. Depending on the kind of movie, if can be watched by the whole family, then watching it with family, other than watching it together with my wife. Only when young and not married yet, often watched movies in theaters.
@SuzyLong (775)
4 Feb 09
I prefer to watch movies in the cinema but there's always people talking or shouting at the screen. Plus, it's about £8 to go and see one film which I think is too much seeing as all you are doing is sitting in a big room with loads of other people watching a movie. So I just wait for them to bring the movie out on DVD and then rent it.
• India
4 Feb 09
I like to watch movie in Home generally. It's because when I cannot understand any thing I can rewind and see that part again. Though sometimes I go to theatre to enjoy new movies with my friend.
@eagle_f15 (2051)
• Malaysia
4 Feb 09
Because of the price of the movie ticket which has gone up so so much my husband and I both just watch movies at home. Yes I agree with you that the sound system in the theatre is most definitely great. But we have to save and budget so we only watch movies at home in the dvd or television. The only time we went to see movie was to watch Transformers last year. And this year 2009, I think it would be the same. We will go the the theatre to watch Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen. That's about the only movie we will go and watch.
@michmich2 (432)
• United States
4 Feb 09
It definitely depends on my mood. Watching in the theatre is a great experience because the picture is so big and so loud. However, there are other times that I love just curling up on the couch at home and watching a movie.
@greyzppc (111)
• Philippines
4 Feb 09
I prefer to watch movie at home together with my family. It is happier for me, family have time of bonding, while eating snacks.