How can is tart a interest?

February 4, 2009 6:20am CST
How can i start a interest in GAMES ? I would like to start a interest ! how can i do that? Explain me please :| thanks!
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@jshekhar (1562)
• India
4 Feb 09
Hello there! I must tell you, this is a really strange question but I would love to answer it. First of all, you have to spend time with a particular game in order to develop interest in it. May be follow that game on t.v. or spend time with your friends while they play the games they like. Try to know about the rules of the game and this is the time when you will develop a liking for it. In today's world, there are a vast variety of games you can choose from. If you want to burn your extra stamina and like outdoor games, then football is the best bet, as it is easy to learn and its world's most popular game. Rugby and Cricket dont lag behind by much either. If you dont like to sweat it out then you may go for some indoor strategy games like Chess, Checkers and countless others. You can play games online with people from across the continents and that ways you can make friends as well. Hope this reply helps. take care
• Romania
4 Feb 09
no no ! i want to start a interest in MYLOT About games.. Like this ! (computers) i want to start a interest like this how i can do that?