What a man really for in a woman?

man and woman - man and woman
@ana3173 (420)
February 4, 2009 8:29am CST
What does a man actually looks for in a woman? What qualities in a woman does he really want? man sometimes really hard to understand. many woman ask this questions when they talked to each other, when two women or more of them meet up. women wants to understand man's behavior. Is it true that a man wants to her lady is be frank to him always and makes him clearly what she really wants.is true that men don't like it if a women are over-independent on them? Is true that frequent calls asking him to spend time with her might actually push a man away from woman? and lastly is true that a man wants to a woman to be always look good? well its your turn guys, try to answer this questions the best that you can. we, woman wants to know your true feelings about women, and whats inside your mind.
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