I love them,but I hurt them

February 5, 2009 7:10am CST
I have an internet friend,we have known each other for around three years,but never met,because I study in Nanjing,and he works in my hometown HEBEI.This winter holiday I am back and accepted his invitation for a meal.He does the same business as what my father does,so he post a request to visit my father two days later.But he asked me to introduce him as my old classmate instead of an internet friend,he said most parents don't think high of the internet friends.I know most parents are do like what he said,but I don't think my parents will be like this,they always trust me and respect me for any decision I make,so I trust them also,and told them the truth about the internet friend.Unfortunately,they blamed me for what i did and the way i make friends like most other parents.They don't like my talking with strangers in the internet,they insist that the guys talk to me in the internet are in bad purpose,so it is an absolutely wrong decision to go out with them.I argue that i can identify the good and bad,I believe all my friends are sincere or at least not in bad purpose,no matter by what means we know each other.Infact I knew my parents' good purpose of protecting me,but I can't accept the way they talk to me.I stay in my room for a whole day without eating to demand an apologize from my parents.they gave in at last,but I felt so sad to see their languishing faces.I am so stubborn,I love them but I always hurt them.
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@SomeCowgirl (32255)
• United States
5 Feb 09
There are so many different people in this world, some good and some bad, that even friends that you meet offline can be very dangerous people. The friends you meet online can be better, more reliable friends then those offline. It's such a risk to make friends online though so when one does they should always be careful. I think that while you were right in standing up for your friend and your own pride, that maybe a different way could have been made to let your parents know that you respect their opinion. Living in the same home with family can put a damper on online friendships as your situation at hand, you did not want to lie, even though your friend wanted you too.
• China
5 Feb 09
Making friends online has both advantages and disadvantages,in order to protect me my parents may even object me to get online,though i know what they did are all out of a good heart,i still can't accetp them sometimes.I am old enough to face all kinds of people,even thouhg some of them are dangerous.sometimes we can benefit a lot from dealing with dangerous people.I appreciate the protection from my parents,but I know they can't protect me for a whole life,so they had better let me adapt myself to the complicated society.Thanks for your response friend,have a nice day.
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