The BEST PDA....Which do you Prefer?

@Pitgull (1523)
United States
February 5, 2009 12:06pm CST
I have had the Treo 700...a good phone, Microsoft compatible. So far, it would be the PDA for my purposes... I am wondering however... Is there a better one? I like my calendars and my contacts....sound quality...Microsoft Office.... How do you stay organized? *I go to class online, so I am trying to find the most compatible....for some reason, the I-Phone sounds like the direction...
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@logaritse (388)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 09
I own Dopod D810 until now (2 years) and still the best PDa i think. I use it everyday to remind me about appointment and birtday of my friends. But right now people change and start to using blackberry :( I Phone i good too, but too expensive.
@jeffela (120)
• United States
5 Feb 09
You raise a good point. The Treo is a good phone...I have the Blackberry 8830 and I've never been more pleased with a phone. I had a Palm 650 and the OS kept crashing and I had to reboot the phone. Let me back up a sec...I say "kept" crashing, but in reality it was more like once every other week. Not terrible, but annoying. The problem with your situation is that the Blackberry does not have Office. That said, it's organization features are superb. I don't know much about the iPhone, but it does appear to be a terrific device. I also have a Palm Centro that I don't use all that often but it is a great phone. The sound quality is excellent, the Internet is fast, and it's small. The reason I don't use it that often is that the keys are kind of close together and with my big fat thumbs, I tend to do a lot of mistyping. If I had it all to do again, I'd stick with the Blackberry Curve. That is a great phone with everything I need. In fact, I think I've just talked myself into ordering one today!