Randy Orton - McMahon Angle?????? what can possibly happen ???

@figjam00 (1450)
February 5, 2009 4:45pm CST
I was literally shocked when Randy kicked Vince and even more surprised when he won the Rumble. Now it has confused me what angle this story would take because Randy is no.1 contender and he will face champion at mania....... guys any wild guessses about the story???
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• India
9 Feb 09
wild guesses?there is not much to guess.orton want to form a group and call it the legacy and wats a much better way than kicking the chairman on the head.ofcourse i always known that orton would win the royal rumble.just as planned.the 3 members of the legacy will corner the last guy then dibiase and rhodes will sacrifice and let orton win.at no way out it would be a good match to watch as i havent seen shane wrestle for a long time now.y i get the impression that vince is taking his time off and planning to buy another new company even during this regression period.eleimination chamber.if mysterio or kofi wins the elemination chamber,it would be a disaster script so they wont do it.kane is always used the same in every elimination matches as a heavy weight and nothing more so he wont win either.neither will be that guy with buishy beard.man that leaves chris jericho.but if jericho wins this match and have to meet orton in the mania,it wont be a match.both guys r protrayed as evil so that wont happen so as usual cena will win the match.ofcourse something might happen to one of the contenders and the animal might make his comeback and win the championship.either cena or animal to make a comeback and win
@jakeb1 (562)
• United States
7 Feb 09
I think the Randy Orton - McMahon angle will be very similar to the Stone Cold - McMahon angle that happened in the Attitude Era. McMahon will set insane stipulations for Randy Orton and somehow Orton will get by every single one and it will finish with Orton winning the championship at Wrestlemania. Or maybe, they will take away Orton's #1 contendership and give it to someone else and then at Wrestlemania, it could be Orton vs. Shane, Steph, and Vince 3 on 1 match. Who knows.
• United States
6 Feb 09
My guys is that Rhodes and Dibiasi will be banned from ringside at no mercy so Snuka and Whatever the other guy is will come and beat up either Randy or Shane and if They beat up randy he'll lose and won't be able to fight at the royal rumble which will lead to the who ever was eliminated last in the elimination chamber to come up and fight at Wrestlemania and lose or if Randy wins at mercy then he'll go on to win the championship at Wrestlmania.
@kun2349 (23464)
• Singapore
6 Feb 09
lol =D It has been a very long long time since i last watched WWE.. All i remember is that randy orton returned from an injury and after which he changed sides.. Also, he has come back stronger than before.. BUt anything after that, i dunno what happens, and the story behind royal rumble.. hehe ^_^ WWE is getting too bored for me, except for the plot, which is still accpetable for the time being.. lol =D
@Marcola (2776)
• United States
5 Feb 09
Don't be too surprised. He's been a main-eventer for quite some time and is a former WWE and World Champion. I would've preferred someone else win the Rumble, but I'm not surprised. So now he faces Shane McMahon in a no holds barred match at No Way Out. So maybe Sim Snuka and Manu will make their return at the PPV? Here's an idea: Have those two come down and act like they're going to attack Orton. At the same time, Cody Rhodes and Ted Jr. jump in the ring to intercept those two. They look like they'll fight, but all of a sudden they turn their attention to Orton and beat the hell out of him. After that, they pull a lifeless Shane McMahon on top of Orton for the three. Orton is now a face. (He's been getting a lot of R.K.O chants lately.) Of course, the above scenario probably won't happen. I just hope we don't get Cena vs. Orton at Mania this year, because that isn't a fresh match. Here's hoping Cena drops the title in the chamber to someone who deserves it more than anyone-Kane! It'd be nice to see that, anyway.