Is it just me.....?

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February 5, 2009 11:52pm CST
Or have movie trailers gotten less informative? I just saw one tonight for The Reader with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes... It said it was a "superb thriller." I have watched the other trailers a hundred times and never got "thriller" from any of them. Here's what I got out of what I had seen prior to this evening: A man recalls an affair he had over one summer prior to World War II. He was studying to become a lawyer and the woman (Kate Winslet) he was having the affair with liked for him to read to her, from his texts and from novels. Later, as part of his studies he sits in on a trail for war criminals and she is one of them. She made women in the camps read to her and some of the women were saved and some were sent to the gas chambers and they were accusing her of handpicking who lived and who died (definitely sure there was more to this part of this story that they left to surprise). Nothing about that says "thriller" to me. It says "period/historical romance gone horribly wrong." The point I am making here is that there have been several movies lately where I thought they looked good from the trailer and by the end of the movie I have no idea what made me think it would be good. The ones that really upset me are when they put all of the jokes in the preview for a comedy so by the time you get through the movie you haven't laughed once because you've seen all the funny parts a hundred times already before you even saw the movie. Is it just me? Or do other people see this too? You see a preview for a movie and the movie itself is something completely different. Or you get done watching the preview and say, "I have no idea what that movie is about."
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@Christoph56 (1505)
• Canada
6 Feb 09
Trailers I like to see once, give a general feel for what the movie is like... for movies that I'm really excited to see, I don't even watch the trailers, because I'm afraid they'll be giving away too much of the plot. A good example of that is a trailer I've seen on TV recently. It's for something like the "High School Musical Dance" movies. It's starts with 2 boys arriving at a school that has loads of cheerleaders, and say something like, "I'm glad the bus stopped working! We're in heaven!". Ok, so we know how they get there. It introduces the majority of main characters, with ways to tell you what they're like, some are intense, some are quiet and cute, etc etc. You even see the gang of cheerleaders they're going against, who just say "Rawwrrr" to the main characters. So, the leader of the bad cheer leading group says to everyone, "They're not better then us, we can beat them!" We're into the 2nd act of the movie. A few main characters comment on the situation, showing who they are even more. Then it goes to cut aways of their training, then the big event, act 3. Then, at the end of the trailer, it shows the main group you've been following win the challenge, and the extra attractive girl leaps into the arms of the leader guy while everyone is so excited. Conclusion. Thats what I hate in a trailer... when it shows parts of the plot, because then theres absolutly no surprise when you go into the movie. My favorite trailers are ones like M. Night Shyamalan's. Unbreakable had a great trailer, because all it shows is Bruce Willis in the hospital, talking with the doctor. The doctor keeps questioning him about what happened, and Bruce doesn't know... it seems so crazy to the Doctor, and then he says, "You were the sole survivor of 142 people in a train wreck, and you don't even have a scratch on you..." Now that catches my interest! It gives away hardly anything from the story, but enough to make you ask questions, "Whats going on? How did that happen? Who is this character?". In the direction of trailers being able to show anything, it's true, the trailer is only 1 minute of an approx 100 minute movie... You could have the wildest action movie, and make a trailer of only 1 tiny scene, and call it a romance. If you're having those kinds of problems, then just check out the movie on IMDb. From there, you can read all sorts of people's responses to the movie, find out exactly what genre it is, see how people who really know movies rated it, and see if you really want to watch it, too. Don't just rely on the trailers... even better is to get away from them completely. A movie you know nothing about when you walk into the theatre, can easily be better then a movie you're expecting so much out of, and turns out to be crap.
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7 Feb 09
Looking up the movie on the IMDb is fine for some people but there are still a large percentage of the population who are not that internet savvy. They use it to email, maybe check their bank account and have enough trouble managing those tasks, nevermind knowing where to go to look up what a movie is about. And when it comes to new movies, currently or upcoming in the theater, the IMDb is not a very good source of information. Occasionally you'll find a snippet of a news article and you can read the cast list but the synopsi are user created and are kind of few and far between on new movies. For new movies, I recommend Rotten Tomatoes or Fandango.
@snowcat46 (2322)
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6 Feb 09
It's really infuriating!! Or there will be some fantastic action sequences, that never make it into the movie itself. I hate watching trailers anymore. It never lets you know what's really going on and misleads a lot. Or the opposite. The trailer will stink, but the movie is actually quite good. It would be a rare gift to be able to pick parts out of a movie that would give a true feel for it, without giving anything away. Too bad there aren't many with that gift making the trailers....
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6 Feb 09
Then there's the trailers that show you all the funny parts of a comedy and when you go watch it the movie disappointing because there's nothing really funny left. And of course there's trailers that don't tell you anything at all - two thumbs up, winner of, so and so says, must see, this actors best performance yet blah, blah but nothing at all of what's the story is about.
@kel1483 (986)
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10 Feb 09
I think so many movie trailers are getting to where they try to kind of just be flashy and not really give you any idea of what the movie is really about. I also hate when they show all the funny parts in the trailers. That's not really new, I can kind of remember that happening even when I was a kid. I just think it's a disappointment then when you get to the theater and you already know the best jokes.