life : living liberated from ego ?.....

@twinklee (894)
February 6, 2009 2:04am CST
ego the one destroys all your efforts......its like an unwanted weed that gotta be removed and rattles the clarity of thought that ones mind is blessed eats up you as a whole......its so dangerous that it can even lead to hatred.....u compare yourself with others and thats when the problem you are conscious of your own far in my life always had a check on liberated from it while take you places higher.....
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@krajibg (11931)
• Guwahati, India
6 Feb 09
Rightly put. Ego is the root of all odds in our life. The bigger your ego grow the smaller you turn if not physically all psychologically and also to add to it socially. Once you are within its jaw you are outdone. But interestingly some people derive solace that they are more concerned about their self respect and not ego. But I wonder how the concept of self respect is different from Ego? Is not it a softer version of Ego? I feel it is. Those who are more worried over their self respected are in fact affected by the virus of ego. But one thing is for sure that it is too difficult to remain away from this monster. Few people in thousand are able I guess to conquer it. Personally speaking I am too a victim of this to a lesser extent however.
@twinklee (894)
• India
6 Feb 09
exactly...your intentions are pretty clear...