How much and like what you addicted to this game?

February 6, 2009 12:39pm CST
First, I know the game world of warcraft form my roommate. And we played together since then. We both Start-very very addicted to the world of warcraft. We talk like the goblin or gnome, we love to express as orc or tauren, and even sometimes we like to dress up or dress exactly like the character in world of warcraft. We are addicted, we almost do what is done by the characters in world of warcraft, we just do not play very long, but we make a game have become part of our lives. Then like what you addicted on this game? let's discuss it...
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@borg246 (541)
• Malta
11 Dec 09
First of all, goblins won't be included in the game until Cataclysm and you buy the expansion. I like you started playing WoW a while back with my brother and since the first time we played on it, we have grown very addicted to it. So addicted that we would log on every day and spend 7 hours + every day. Now, my addiction has broken of because I find WoW a little boring, especially after 2 years. Also, I got to count for the first time how much money I spent on WoW, it was very disappointed for me and I asked myself "But how?" and from then on, I haven't played WoW. Which has been for around 4 months. As for my brother, he also became bored of it, especially with the fact that he couldn't play with me anymore and so a few days later, he also quit. During my addiction, I have lost a lot of things in my "real" life and now that I don't play it anymore makes me feel better and have more time to do other things.
• China
10 Feb 09