Do you want to give birth to twins or triplets

@mjanne (251)
February 6, 2009 12:43pm CST
If you are pregnant, do you want to give birth to twins or triplets? The best thing is you could have more kids in one time; And maybe the bad thing is that you have to spend more energy and money at the same time.
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• Philippines
6 Feb 09
it had always been my wish that i would have a twin or a triplet. however, it never happened. the good thing about having a twin or a triplet is the fact that it requires only one pregnancy to be able to have the number of children that i would like to have. since i just couldn't care less whether i get 2 boys or 2 girls or a mix of both, there were no problems about getting an identical or a fraternal twin. what matters will be that i will be having two immediately at least. this means one pregnancy only and then, both will even be growing up at the same time. it just simply sounds so nice, so good, so beautiful. perhaps, when a mother is still below 35 years old, it will be just fine coping with two babies. however, for three, maybe, help becomes badly needed.
@GoldenAsh (290)
• United States
6 Sep 11
Hello mjane, its nice3 to meet you. Yo have asked the million dollar question. And this question has put a million dollar smile on my face. I have always wanted to have twins or even triplets. But nope. Ther are no twins or even triplets in my family for generations. So, I think the chances of having twins are greatly reduced. But I am happy. As long as I have healthy children and as long as I can manage to take care of them, I know a teenager who is only 17 and has 7 children, one boy, and two pair of triplet girls!
@maximax8 (31053)
• United Kingdom
7 Feb 09
I would find it delightful to have twin girls because I already have two sons. I would love to have a daughter so to have two would be excellent. I know a lady that had twin boys in 2007 and she is currently pregnant with another set of twin boys. Her pregnancy is watched carefully and she might have a birth with much medical intervention. She jokingly said she was looking out for a second hand quad pushchair. I am looking out for a Phil and Ted's Pushchair.
• United States
7 Feb 09
How bout neither! I guess then you could do it all in one shot and be done with your family or keep adding,,,, as though one could afford to these days. But in reality, I have 3 single births and I love them to pieces and since we don't have alot of family capable of helping us or alot of friends we'd be up a creek w/o a paddle having more than one at a time. Plus individually they are expensive enough........
• Canada
7 Feb 09
i've always wanted twins. now that i'm pregnant, i found out i'm having identical twin girls. i am so excited. sure, i'll probably never sleep again and it will be quite an adjustment but i'm still very excited. one of my friends said the good thing about twins "twice the pleasure, once the pain".