How do you promote your blog?

February 6, 2009 3:52pm CST
I don't think my blog's doing too well, mainly cos there isn't much traffic. What ways are there to promote my blog? Also, if you can, review my blog Tell me the good/bad points and how i can improve it and get more traffic. Thanks a lot!
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• United States
7 Feb 09
Hi Sara. The one thing I noticed is I didn't see a subscription box. This allows people to give you their email addresses and when you make a new post, they get notified that there is a new post, so they can come and see it. I saw some of the other comments, and they offer some good points as well,as they hit on some good ways to get traffic,especially posting on forums. Have you ever tried any traffic exchanges or safelists? For the traffic exchanges I would recommend making a capture page though. I have some great free tools to help you with this if you want. Just PM me and I can give you my website, as I think I have alot of things that could help get you some traffic. Good luck and keep writing!
6 Feb 09
the best way to promote your site is by writing an article about it them promote that article using the various social and bookmarking tools such as digg, stumbleupon. or you can promote the posts and blogs using this method. a good idea if your using wordpress is to add a content sharing plug in. that way you allow your readers to also promote the articles they like. Good luck!
@VotreAmie (3037)
• United States
10 Feb 09
Hi sara. Many mylotters have given their good advice already and I don't have a lot to add. But there are few other ways to promote your site and drive traffic. Squidoo is another way. You write a lense (which is simply a name for a page) where you describe your site or any aspect of it and add your link there. You can also add a widget from It is free and it will show you where your traffic is coming from and it might also drive some visitors to your site. Good luck.
@jason1308 (1587)
• France
7 Feb 09
Have you tried twitter, I have found this a great way for others to keep up to date with what i am up to and of course they also know when I have done a new post. I put a widget on my blog and then people can then follow me. I have noticed a larger amount of people now visiting my site a lot more regularly nowadays. You can follow me here : Hope this helps.
• Philippines
6 Feb 09
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