Modifying Your Green Laser Pointers is NOT Safe

United States
February 6, 2009 4:17pm CST
How can you safely mod a 5mW green laser pointer into a 100mW+ burning laser? It's not easy. There has been a huge trend of people buying laser pointers online of all different colors from green, red, blue, even yellow. With burning output powers of 100mW and more (which is visible for about 50+ miles), its a mystery why people are still looking to modify there lasers and get even further increased light energy and distance. The problem then becomes clear, unskilled and untrained laser fans who think they will be able to properly (and safely) mod their laser pointer to increase its power outage. What they don't know is that lasers are solid state tools and require a great deal of specific attention while being developed, even the smallest of errors can completely ruin your pointer and turn it into nothing more than a cheap piece of garbage. Not only are you risking your laser pointers usage, but you can be creating some serious health and safety concerns with a modded pointer pen of even greater strength. Because green laser light is so sensitive to the human eye, it can be dangerous. If you increase the beams power you are increasing your chances of burning things and even damaging your eyes. It is absolutely vital to be careful and if you must, mod your laser correctly. Has anyone ever successfully done this who can give us some real directions how to make a weak laser become a high powered laser pointer through modification?
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