Don't You Just Hate "Perfect" People?

United States
February 6, 2009 8:10pm CST
**Disclaimer: I am fully aware that no one is perfect, keep reading** What I mean is, people who think they're so perfect and don't make mistakes. The kind of people who make a big deal out of everyday tasks that everyone else performs. I know one of these perfect people who thinks so much of themselves that they don't feel that their farts stink. They came to me and said "I think something's wrong." And I asked them what it was and they replied "My farts have started to stink. They never used to stink but now they do." Yes, I know it's disgusting, but this person was as serious as a heart attack and felt that they were the only human being walking the earth who didn't have smelly gas. Don't you just hate people like that?
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@vonvonex (283)
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
I agree with you shortyakbar. I also had an experience with a perfectionist. It happened when me and my friends were invited to my friends birthday. At first, they were just drinking and doing some jokes so that they will have fun but as the topic goes deeper, this girls, who is a freaking perfectionist, thinks that she was so perfect. She even told us that she does not make mistakes at all. She even told us that, she has not done any mistake all her life. Sucks right?! She won't even listen to any explanation that my friend is trying to explain to her because she thinks that my friends explanation is wrong her's is right. The nerve!!! Going back to what happened, the simple talk now went into a debate. I tried to to make my mouth shut so that the scenario won't get worst because we all know that perfectionist will really stand on their opinion and won't try to open their mind to what others idea and imagine this! The debate happened 12 in the midnight and she was just so noisy and drunk that started waking up the neighbors. Heheheh... In the end, she did not admit here mistakes.
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@blue65packer (11834)
• United States
7 Feb 09
Yes I hate people like that! I don't know someone that so called perfect but I have worked an known people who think they are perfect! Theses socalled perfect people usually have worse problems then me! I really hate that and love it when there so called perfect life goes a rye! Unfortunely these people don't learn a lesson and still think they are perfect!
• United States
7 Feb 09
my teacher... mrs sheen im not kidding here she graded our papers wrong and wouldnt say anything else me and a couple of friends pulled up a dictionary and proved her wrong but guess what she said? "you must have changed your answers because when i graded your paper it was wrong:" yeah i hate perople like that