How to treat our opponent

@mjanne (251)
February 6, 2009 10:23pm CST
We may often face awkward person in office. No matter how kind you are, she will never satisfied. I met someone like that before. It is really troubled a lot. With different working ideas and opinions. Also doesn't be kind after work. Have you in such jam before? How can you deal with that?
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@patbinc (57)
• Haiti
7 Feb 09
Hi! This is a common occurrence everywhere, not just at the workplace. It's the reason we have so much hatred around the world, between nations, peoples, tribes, social groups and so on. The is fact that everybody has his/her own preferences, opinion and way of doing things. When you put two people together who have different ways of doing things, even just seeing things, then there is bound to be some friction. People are born in the same family and still do not agree on some things. Some people are more demanding than others, others are more appreciative of others around them. The secret to living peacefully side by side with such people is respecting their opinion and not taking anything personally. You just make your stand and principles known to these people, hope they respect you for what you are and respect them for what they are. Do not try to impress or satisfy these people. you will just end up frustrated and might even hate them. With time once they know your principles and take on things, they might learn to respect you for what you are. But in case they don't just move on with is too short to hold grudges or concentrate on petty stuff!
• India
7 Feb 09
just do what ever they want and be friendly with them even they regret you god will see of the other things happy mylotting
@vera0571 (166)
• China
7 Feb 09
Hi,mjanne.I think most people come across this situation.And in my office,there is one of my colleagues who always take the different opinions with me.whatever I explain,she just not satisfied.However what we argued are all for work,it is no good to hate her after work.