HIV Tests

South Africa
February 7, 2009 5:37am CST
How many times a year do you go for an HIV test? I have recently had to go for one as I get points with my medical insurance for doing it once a year, but I do know of people that have never ever been for one. Do you think it should be a regular thing? Or do you think that as long as you feel you are safe it's not really worth checking?
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@StarBright (2799)
• United States
8 Feb 09
This is obviously a question for someone who is active or who has had a recent blood transfusion? I have never had an HIV test. I am a mature (to put it politely ^-^) adult grandmother who has been married to the same faithful guy forever. Neither of us has had a transfusion. Even when my husband had his heart bypass, the doctors used his own blood. I do not work in an environment where I have to be overly concerned about HIV. It is interesting that insurance companies are now giving points for people being tested. Sort of like for not smoking, huh? What do they do if your results come back positive, since there is no cure?
• South Africa
8 Feb 09
I think that if the results came back positive they would begin counselling you. They are pretty good about it - seeing that the country I live in has probably one of the highest statistics in the world. I think that is why they introduced the 'once a year' testing too. And they do also give points for stopping smoking - they have a 'stop smoking' course that you can join and they help you through it and you get points at the end! Thanks for your reply :-)