i need help with weight loss

@garmac (57)
February 7, 2009 8:59am CST
i am a guy with a little fat around the belly area, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of my big belly that definitely will work. i am not fat of overweight of anything like that i jus got the belly. your responses will be appreciated.
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• India
7 Feb 09
Hi Try for low-fat foods when possible. Eat many small meals rather a few large ones. exercise is the one sure way to burn more calories safely. You have to excercise regularly atleast for 45 minutes. Walking briskly will help a lot to reduce fat as well as keep the entire body healthy. you can also try sit ups, bending and touching the toes and other stretching excercises regularly.
@garmac (57)
• Jamaica
8 Feb 09
thanks for ur respones but rite now my work prvents me from havin much time. i'll give it a go though
@Obsidian (70)
7 Feb 09
you may try to do some sit-up, it should helpful for you. but it's not the traditional one, traditional one just practise your back and shoulders. the right way is : just do 10 sit-up every minute! keeping the upper body at an angel of 45-degree with the ground ,and keeping this posture 5 seconds . Its effective than do 60 times sit-up in every minute. hope this could help you to loss weight .