I love to become a wordlinx member :)

@lusirafa (944)
February 7, 2009 10:58am CST
I've just join Wordlinx for a week, for a referral swap with my myLot friend. At first I'm quite amaze that I can't find no paid ads to browse. But my upline said that Wordlink occasionally updates their ads, so you don't have to wait until 24 hours to click ads (like other PTC). The con is that sometimes when you login, they don't have any ads show. But this is not a big problem if you spend a lot of time at the net. You can turn your wordlinx login on all day, while you do other stuff, and occasionally check their ads. Right now, my account is $ 0.41 for 41 ads click (0.01 per click) this divided by seven days = about 6 ads a day. And they are old legit PTC & PTR by Paypal verified. So I'm happy with it, even though their payout is $ 10. I'm sure their not going to take my money away :) Any of you joined Wordlinx, whats your experience Friend ? If anybody interested to join, feel free to click the banner at my profile.
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@moneymommy (3419)
• United States
8 Feb 09
I am in the process of researching worldlinx right now to add to my money making program. I havent decided yet but it looks like a good program in good standing.
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