How you enjoy your life when you now your time is only 3 months left?

February 7, 2009 11:09am CST
lets we imagine we have a very critical disease, and doctor has tell us that we can live only 3 months. So how you enjoy your life? what will you doing? will you go pray, or maybe you'll have a great party? or even you take a death pill to shorten your own life? if i'm in that state, i will forgive to every person that hate me, and of course say sorry to god, to mom, and all people. and of course do the good thing every day. =)
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@rymebristol (1787)
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
3 months is a lot of time, to enjoy the last minute of our lives. supposedly, i have LEUKEMIA and the doctor said that i only have 3 months to live unless i undergo a bone marrow transplant. i will spend that 3 months with my family, friends, colleagues and to almost everyone that i had met. if given the opportunity, i would like to go out of town most of the time...i want to try new stuffs like playing the piano, sky diving diving, diving etc... i will spend dinner with my family everyday till the time comes when he will take me. i will apologize to all that i had offended, judge, and mistreated...those people i had grudge with...i will say my thank you to my family, friends and to everyone for being a special part in my life, for making my life unforgettable...and lastly i will take some time to praise God for having this matter how complicated it was for me.
• Indonesia
7 Feb 09
hehe, time is short when you enjoy it, but time is feel long when you don't enjoy it. so if you have 3 months left and you enjoy it, it takes a short time but you'll happy forever. but when you try to cure it or try to mourn it, it takes a long long time but you don't be happy. so lot time or not is the way we enjoy our life or not i think.
• Turkey
7 Feb 09
I would pray, talk to all of my friends, but not tell them about the situation, go around the world and have more friends and meet people and see places. At the last day, i would kiss my girlfriend a good bye and die in piece