Is he helping?

@milagre (1272)
February 7, 2009 11:49am CST
Does your hubby helps you at home? do your kids also help with the domestic stuff? I can't get help from anyone, have to do all on my own and im getting realy sick of it.... What can I do to have a hand from my family on domestic work? By the way im a full time working mom and im the main support of the family as salary is concerned. Thanxs in advance for all your help, i promiss i will try all the tips.
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@Wizzywig (7847)
7 Feb 09
Just stop making yourself responsible for all the things that need doing. Its very hard to walk away and leave dishes in the sink, go out having not made the beds etc but, as long as you do all the work, they will let you. You could try making a colour coded rota/chart if you think they'd go for it. Perhaps you could set aside a few hours a week/month that are just for YOU and no-one is to disturb you during that time. You could try the 'marble-in-the-jar' thing... they complete a task, a marble goes in - when the jars full, you have a family treat (cinema/pizza/theme park whatever)Make a deal with them that, if they do a certain task, you will spend time with them - not working for them but maybe playing a game or reading a story to the children (depending on their age of course... you may have to swap the tasks for lifts to friends houses or take them to the cinema/park etc) You'll have to think of your own ideas for the husband! Hope you get co-operation whatever you try
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7 Feb 09
The only time I get help is when I ask, or when my fiance sees me struggling with all the tasks that go on around here. The other night, I had to take his daughter out to get a dress for a dance and I was frazzled from working and housework. When we returned home from shopping, he and the other kids had cleaned the whole house. That was such a relief. I would much rather that they all helped on a regular basis without waiting for me to be on the verge of burning out, though. We're going to have a family meeting about this when they all come home tomorrow, though, because all the kids (there are five) are old enough to pitch in as part of their regular routine.