whats the best song that represents yourself or your life?

@grace24 (1050)
February 7, 2009 9:27pm CST
for me..i think the song that represents me is the song of avril lavigne, im with you..especially in the the part of the song that goes like this.."is there anyone trying to find me..would somebody come take me home.."i remember my past because of this song..before i am very depressed and lonely...for you what the best song that represents yourself or your status in life?
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@thaMARKER (2559)
• Philippines
14 Feb 09
I guess it would Macy’s Day Parade by Greenday. Aside from one of my favorite songs, the lyrics fits right. There are lines that I can use to describe my life. If you will check the lyrics, you’ll know somehow..
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
9 Feb 09
Heaven Sent and You complete me, by Keyshia Cole. These songs represent me for who I am when becoming a married woman. This is what I would say to my husband when we finally walked down the aisle.
@cambiste (1244)
• India
9 Feb 09
I've never thought about this before. I love listening to music though, but i dont think any of them represents me as of yet. Most of the situations the song themes on are slices of life, mostly about boyfriends or girlfriends, but my life isnt that interesting. If there's a song on how dull college is, it may suit me :P Kidding! Still, i do think that a song "Jesus, take the Wheel" will suit me somewhat, as i often depend upon His guidance and support in everything i do. Happy mylotting.
• Norway
8 Feb 09
Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division is a good way to describe me. Not that i filthy depressed or live a sad life. It goes way beyond that, Love Will Tear Us Apart is Neither Sad/Happy. Somewhere Between maybe. Anyway, the song is about everything goes to an end, if it becomes a routine or your starting to take things for granted it will possibly change.