Which is more dangerous?

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water - Tablets with the Chinese symbols for Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water written.
@reichiru (748)
February 7, 2009 9:58pm CST
I had a discussion with my sister the other day and she brought up a pretty interesting topic that I thought I would share with other myLotters. Her question was this: What is more dangerous, fire, water, wind, or earth? When you're talking about natural disasters. The first thing a person would normally think of is fire, because fire burns everything that comes its way. But water can put out fire, so fire would actually be one of the least dangerous. Water (in the form of a tsunami) would cause lots of destruction, but can be foiled by earth. You can pile sandbags or move to higher ground to avoid it. Earth however... well, I'm sure you all have heard of the destruction earthquakes cause. Wind (as a tornado or hurricane), cannot compete with earth either. You can hide in storm cellars and stuff to avoid a tornado. But of course, both tornadoes and earthquakes cause quite a bit of destruction, but I think earthquakes are harder to avoid than tornadoes, thus making them the most dangerous. Which one do you think is most dangerous, and why? Happy myLotting!
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@gjabaigar (2200)
• Philippines
8 Feb 09
^_^ Howdy!.... reichiru!.... They all dangerous for a different kind of situations especially when human lives are at risk. Anything can be dangerous actually. But can not blame mother nature because that's she want to be for us human beings. She knows what is right for us. There's nothing more dangerous and more risky than human ignorance, discipline and self-control especially dealing the understanding of knowledge and wisdom with mother nature. ^_^ Enjoy!.....
@reichiru (748)
• Canada
8 Feb 09
You have a point. Of course we cannot prevent Mother Nature from doing all this, but we can take some precautions against some things from happening, or taking away human lives. Like for instance, we can move to higher ground when we have warning of a hurricane or tsunami, or we can go hide in a cellar when a tornado is nearby. But we cannot prevent them. Thanks for your response!