Second chances

United States
February 8, 2009 1:02am CST
I have a friend who for the most part is ok. I haven't hung out with her for a longtime because of her husband. He is a manipualtive liar and thief and well he is controlling her because she is bipolar and they have a kid together if she leaves him he will take their child away from her because of her metal stablity. she feels trapped. She knows that i am her friend but she always goes back to him despite our friend ship which i understand that they are married. she contradicts herself in what she says and does one minute she wants to leave and the next she doesn't. Does she deserve a second chance to be my friend.? Me and her husband won't get along we did at one point til i founf out that he was lying to me and to her and everyone about things. i know that i can't trust him but she does to a point and well he doesn't tell her everything she should know. He does things behinde her back against her and he makes it look like she had something to do with it all when she didnt. i can't get involved with him again but i want to be her friend.. i need advice
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