Why do girls/women wear B.R.A

February 8, 2009 12:17pm CST
do any one know why women wears it.. a reply from the girls or women will be greatly appreciated since the discription will be more and there will be detaild explanation,about why they should wear it, what happens if they dont wear it..!
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@krajibg (11924)
• Guwahati, India
8 Feb 09
Well girls or women wear bra first to check their boobs from getting de shaped as this helps the pair to remain within its normal proportion and secondly to give a face lift to the already sagging boobs. And you periods between the thee letters could be an abbreviation that could possibly stand for - "Boobs Rounding Accessory". What say?
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@thaMARKER (2503)
• Philippines
14 Feb 09
For public appearance sake hehehe.. some people put malice on women’s private parts. There are people conservative enough not to wear one. I use to go out without it before but I make sure I’m wearing dark colored clothes. I feel comfortable. When I sleep I don’t wear it or even if I’m in my apartment only.
@mermaidivy (15395)
• United States
8 Feb 09
First, it's because of sagging, if you don't wear bra, the boobie sag. Second, bbra can make the boobie look "standing" like they are not hanging down.
• India
9 Feb 09
Bras can also add to the overall external appearance. It gives the feeling that they have very good boobs. So i guess that is an added advantage.