Are you contented/satisfied with your life?What else do you want to do?

February 9, 2009 6:55am CST
I think I still want to travel abroad, a place where there is snow...hehehe. I have been to other Asian countries but I think snow and the spring time from other country is what I want to feel. I have seen some pictures in Canada, the leaves has different colors..its beautiful. The snow?..hehe I want to feel its coldness in my hand and play snowball too :-) I want to finish my college, and get a good and stable job. Have my own house.A laptop, a business, hmm..there is nothing impossible to happen if I will do my best and work hard for it. I think for all this I am not contented with what I have now because I think I am still half way of my goals in life. How about you? What else do you want to do or to have in this life and maybe how can you get it if you want something? As my friend says believe and work hard and everything will be possible. Enjoy life! :-)
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