if you could?

Spokane, Washington
February 9, 2009 3:19pm CST
I was wondering if you could make a game with all of your favorite RPG game elements what would it be like? OK this is what mine would be like (it may be a little long and confusing lol) The Story I am not good with the story element but I would like it to have a little romance,comedy,drama pretty much a little of everything lol The fighting element First off I would have Arts like on Legend of Legaia where you can make combos of different moves. I would also throw in the gene element from Breath of fire 3 so you can put together different genes to become different dragons and lastly I would have the summoning element from Final Fantasy The World I would have a very large world ( I love games that take forever lol) and I would like to have the time travel element like in Chrono Trigger or even the Other world element from Chrono Cross and I would throw in the element from Wild Arms where you can search the world map for treasure Miscellaneous I would have a fairy world that you can build like in Breath of Fire 3 and 4, and there would be over 100 playable characters and a castle to build like in Suikoden. I would also have A LOT of mini Games and casinos all over the place ok thats all for now I am sure htere would be a lot more that I would do but i would be here all day lol
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• United States
10 Feb 09
Creating your own game and campaign world is alot of fun. Very time intensive, but well worth it. My boyfriend and I created our own pencil and paper fantasy RPG over a period of about 20 years. We have a very well-developed campaign setting, complete rules, etc We used to run 3 separate groups a week. Now, only the 2 of us play. Creating the new material every week for 3 different games became too much. It is well worth the effort, whether it is a computer game you want to create, or PnP. You seem to be very motivated, and have some great ideas; go for it! The two of us also play an older MMORPG (online), Asheron's Call. We started in early 2000.
• Spokane, Washington
18 Feb 09
WOW That is really cool thanks for sharing I would go for it but I have no clue how to make a game or where to start lol
• United States
19 Feb 09
Find some other people with the same ambition, and pool your resources :) I don't know what your background is with computer games and RPG's, but it helps to familiarize yourself with the types of games you would like to create. I'm also not sure which genre you like: fantasy, sci fi, etc....but immersing yourself by reading is also helpful. If you like pencil and paper rpg's, writing and organizing skills are important. For computer games, learning to program would be the way to go...plus the creativity :)