Are you in favor of working mothers?

mother and child - Mother and child
February 9, 2009 7:16pm CST
I am a full time mother for almost 17 years. I can honestly say that I wish I have a job and a career in the corporate world. But there is always this force pulling me back from taking that step. I have 6 kids. It's so hard to find a nanny who will take good care of my children while I am away. I have to put aside my ambition and sacrifice a little for the sake of my kids. Now that my youngest is already turning 7 this May, I am thinking of pursuing my dreams. I just hope that it is never too late.
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@cripfemme (7710)
• United States
8 Mar 09
Yes, I am. When I have kids I plan to be a working mother. I think working mothers give children especially girl children the idea that you can have it all. That's exactly what I want my kids to think. My mother worked from the time I was five and went to school from the time I was three to become a nurse. So I know its possible and I was even a special needs kid. Now I'm a disabled, independent adult. I live by myself and still need support services but I arrange those on my own with government funding.
@dodo19 (43265)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
17 Feb 09
I'm certainly in favor of working mothers. It's certainly not always easy. When I was born both of my parents' careers were flourishing, and very successful. This meant long hours, sometimes working on weekends. It wasn't easy for them to always be able to pick me up and such. So, I certainly know that it's not easy, but not all good things come easy. If a woman wants to have both a career, as well as children, then I personally think that she should try to have both.
@eagle_f15 (1832)
• Malaysia
13 Feb 09
I am in favor of working mums as long as the work does not "pile over" her until she has no time for her children. I have know of mums who are like that. They work and are very successful and the way to their children's heart is she buys things for them. Buying things for our children is a good thing and it is not wrong but nothing beats spending quality time with them. To put aside your ambition and sacrifice for the sake of your kids...I think its a very honorable thing to do as taking care of your children during those growing up years are really important. And it's never too late to pursue your dream but don't let it pile over you that's all.
• United States
12 Feb 09
I am. A working mother gets time away from her kids, and mothers need that. Plus, they're earning money at the same time so it works out...
@youless (105453)
• Guangzhou, China
10 Feb 09
It will never be late. I hope you will find a job and enjoy working. You will have another new life. It is not easy to take care of 6 children. A full time mom isn't an easy job at all. I love China
• Janesville, Wisconsin
10 Feb 09
Yes, I am in favor of it but the work world I think would benefit if they could change their hour systems, and earning systems. Like if a person wanted to work for three hours a day they could as a person who wanted to work for 12 hrs a day could..... For Mothers I think it is best for the corporations to have a good approved daycare system, that the mothers can use with some percentage off of normal daycare price since the corporation approved of it or an in job daycare... Where every 2-3 hrs the mother goes down for a half hour break to spend time and check up on their children... So the children and mother are not seperated for way to long. If they did things like this then people who wanted to work but could not for long periods of time, could, and those who wanted to work extra hours to earn extra money for their family could... of course I think with the breaks it would extend the work day.. but if they did not get paid during those break hours or if most business had an optional more breaks for employees they may not have to lay off as many people. Not everyone wants to or needs to work 8 - 12 hr shifts... - DNatureofDTrain - DNatureofDTrain