Economy Worries? There's Hope!

@Terese (158)
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February 10, 2009 11:25am CST
I know that there are alot of worries regarding our economy and the future of our jobs, finances, etc... I am here to tell you that there is HOPE! For many years now, many companies have begun to outsource their work, cutting back on employee compensation, company overhead, etc.. For some time, alot of us thought that was wrong, outsourcing jobs out of the US and other countries, and sourcing them oversease. Well, it is not so wrong anymore! With the economy in a pitfall and companies "restructering", "downsizing" etc, more companies are looking to outsource than ever before! That is GREAT news for you and I and anyone else you feels their future is up in the air and are uncertain of what will come. There are several forums online that I belong to; WAHM, and These forums are looking out for our best interest and the interest and well being of our families. When things seem grim, I know I have nothing to worry about. Why? Because I have They post job openings for employers who are hiring people to work from home! Yes...WORK FROM HOME and get paid a paycheck from an employer!! I believe is our future for the economy. Why? Because the companies that are hiring see the value in outsourcing their work, not closing shop or going out of business. As things seem bleak for most, I know that me and my family have nothing to worry about, because I earn a paycheck from my home, from a real employer, thanks to forums like! Economy worries ~ NOT!
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10 Feb 09
im glad u do but shipping companys overseas and jobs overseas, i dont see where that is helping people here get jobs keeping jobs having some kind of health insurance having a place to live having someway of getting around and being able to eat and keep utilities on. Explain that one.
@Terese (158)
• United States
11 Feb 09
I appreciate your feedback. I don't agree with shipping jobs overseas, what I am saying is, companies throughout the USA are now outsourcing their people who want to work from home within the USA. I live in South Dakota, and with I was able to get hired by a company that was looking to hire someone to work from their home; that is outsourcing. Outsourcing from within the company to the outside; someone to work from their home. Several companies that have job openings posted on sohojobs, offer their at home employees health, vision, dental benefits, bonuses, etc...Just as if you were to punch the time clock at the office/building. I just wanted to share, that with our economy going in the direction it is, there is still hope; as there are many companies who see the value in hiring people to work from home. They may be downsizing from within, however, they still need to get the work done. And these companies are in the USA!! I hope that clarifies it more for you :o) Let me know if you have more questions or concerns. I enjoy guiding people in the right direction to help them have a peaceful, financially secure future ~ Teri K