genuine love

@willy6 (492)
February 10, 2009 2:02pm CST
We have said that romance is needed in our relationship today, but love means far more than just the feelings expressed in romantic affection. We do not fall into love, we grow into love. love mature as as a couple applies the principle of love in everyday life, Genuine love, then goes beyond the feelings of love and it must be put into action. We must not expect to be treated with love and consideration, but we must also act with love and consideration. A lot of relationship one party complains that they are not getting enought love, but yet they are not giving any. Its not what we can get out of a relationship, its what we can give. Yet it is very difficult for some people to consistently express their love day in and day out. few of us feel like being tender, thoughtful, and considerate every day of our lives. Our feeling are easily changed by moods. There are times when the emotions in a relationship is very high, and another time its is very low. Thats all in the game. Althought relationship is emotional unstable that does not say there is not genuine love. As long as there is understanding and each person work throught their relationship and stick together inspite of. Then the relationship will continue to grow.
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• Indonesia
17 Feb 09
love is how to understand each other. understand difference, worst, and feelings