Has anyone lost weight using the Wii fit?!

United States
February 10, 2009 3:13pm CST
I am wondering if anyone has seen a difference while consistently using the wii fit? Any weight loss? Any clothing size loss? More energy? Any difference other than just having fun?!
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@joosh00 (121)
10 Feb 09
I haven't lost any yet, but my mum has lost about 3 lb altogether.
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@jeseravi (338)
23 Feb 09
Not that plus sizes need worry that they're missing out on a prime weight-loss opportunity. Despite its moniker, Wii Fit isn't a total fitness solution, with its included exercises focusing more on improving muscle tone and balance than on cardio and weight loss. What it does offer is a better way to track your weight, body mass index (BMI), and time spent exercising both within the game itself and from any other external activities, giving users a clearer picture of how their health is progressing over time. It's no more going to make you super-fit than Wii Sports is going to make you a tennis pro, but it can provide a strong anchor for a more expansive fitness regime should you have the motivation.
• Canada
13 Feb 09
I actually don't think the Wii makes much of a diffrence to weight it is just another way that Nintendo wants to make money! They want to target a big audience in the States and Canada and that is people that are overweight. Lots of people have bought the Wii for weight loss but it will not do much... you wont be able to look into a mirror and notice the diffrence! My friends mom just got it for herself because she is really overweight, it has not yet made any diffrence and she plays it nonstop all the time because she enjoys it so much. She is a very nice person but she has got to learn that it will not make a diffrence! If you look around the internet you will read about many people buying the Wii and complaining that it does not do anything!
@Caugh56 (58)
• United States
11 Feb 09
This is good to know. I know my wife has been bugging me about this game but I haven't given in to get it. But I know when we save up enough I will. I'm not sure if you know this or not but my wife and I were at best buy last night and they had for the Wii Fit a training program with JIllian Michaels. She's a big fan of hers so it maybe something to check out. One night my wife was doing one of her regular workouts of Jillians and I mess say it looked pretty intense. And it was she was sweating up a storm. So if you really want to lose weight I'm sure her wii game or workout has to be pretty good. IT's worth a shot I think anyways.
• United States
11 Feb 09
I have lost 10 pounds since Christmas!! :D I really like it a lot, it works as long as you do! I have been concentrating on the strength training and yoga, I seem to get the best results there