What's the most romantic thing you've ever been a part of?

@cripfemme (7713)
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February 10, 2009 6:26pm CST
This didn't happen to me. Although, if it had I would have been jumping up and down for joy and hugging the person (or the equivalent in a wheelchair). One of my friends (whose a big chemistry geek and has no charm whatsoever although he's a dear person) was dating my other friend for a long time. He wanted to ask her to marry him, but he had no clue how to go about it. He asked me because I'm a poet to write him a poem about why she should marry him and how much he loved her. I was very happy to do this because they've been together forever. They met at Umass as undergraduates and are now in doctoral programs in chemistry and English. It's an odd match but it seems to suit them. However, he didn't know that while he was planning this she was calling everybody (including me) and saying, "If he doesn't pop the question soon I'm done." Poor me was stuck in the middle. I had a client (him) who requested I do something that she would really like, but if he didn't get around to it soon enough it was going to be too late for him. I kept telling her, "I'm sure he'll get around to it when he's ready." and trying to be reassuring. I'm not sure that helped so much, but I know she didn't leave him and then on Christmas Day she said yes. I was very honored to be part of their betrothal in a small way. Have you ever done anything like this and what was it?
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11 Feb 09
Well, when my husband proposed to me, it was kind of funny and cute. Well what happened was my husband and I had wanted to go out to the park one day at night and just go out and look at the stars. I always bugged him about going out at night to see the stars and we never had the time. But this time, he decided that we should go. Along the way, we decided to stop at a store and get some snacks. Well while we were in the store, we got into an argument I'm not sure what it was all about. But any way, I was pretty upset and just wanted to go home. I didn't feel like going to the park and looking at stars. Its like the whole argument ruined the whole mood. Well anyway, my husband took me to the park anyway. He kind of had something planned and I didn't know what it was. I was kind of angry so I just ran off to be alone for a while and calm down a bit. So I ran off to I suppose was a little pond, but I didn't know that, because it was really dark. So anyway. There I was sitting at the pond wondering what to do and how I couldn't believe that my husband well boyfriend at the time still bought me to this park after we had an argument. So well, while I was standing there, looking out into darkness, I all of a sudden here some ducks quacking and it sounded like they were getting closer to me. I got so frightened I ran all the back to were my then boyfriend was standing screaming. He was just laughing and like what happened. I was like the ducks they're after me. And he just kept on laughing. He gathered me in his arms and held me close. It was kind of cold out that night. Eventually I laughed about it too, cause the ducks were chasing me. Well, he had asked me after we had a good laugh was I cold and I told him yes. He went to the back of his car in his trunk and pulled out a blanket and wrapped me in it. He told me to face the opposite way cause he had something else to give me. I stayed faced toward the pond area that I ran from, and he came up in front of me with some chocolate, a bunch of roses and a little black box. I felt like I'd faint, cause I knew what it was. He opened it up and he apologised what had happened earlier and then he got down on one knee and was like I know it isn't much, but I know that you are the one, the one I'm supposed to be with forever and I wanted to know will you marry me. Of course I said yes, cause here we are today married for almost a year now. It took 2 more years after that little proposal happened for us to get married. We always joke now and I joke with him too and I said you planted those ducks there at that park. He always says yes.