Invasion of Afghanistan

United States
February 11, 2009 1:44am CST
Should the USA and its allies have invaded Afghanistan?
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@user_786 (1338)
11 Feb 09
Dont know if they have now invaded it now or not but thier plan is not different. They want control over these countries that come in line, Iraq, Iran , Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan. Someone may wonder why? They would invade iraq for oil - Iraq is 2nd largest oil producer in worlds. Afghanistan would be invaded becasue it is hight producer of dug plants in the world. By invading Iran, they willl steal thier oil, gas and other rich resources and also they will then be able to supply gas to israel. Now Pakistan is also in ther mind becasue Pakistan is 25th largest economy in the world and has 7th largest reserves of coal and has great amount of natural gas. Very similar analysis and comments have been made by American native analysts, etc This would not be fair if USA does it.
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@aerous (13461)
• Philippines
12 Feb 09
i don't think so? if you define what is invasion perhaps you know what the truth about afghagistan. for me i agree about the war in afghanistan, so that people there will exercise privacy because their former government is terrible. people have no right to choose what is right or wrong. their officials live with luxury but the people doesn't. what is your analisis on this, are they invade it or they do it for the people to exercise human rights?