from where do u think bucks come to u!

February 11, 2009 3:40am CST
is that ur desire or ur destined to make money! as far as i think there is nothing like destiny term linked up with money. money comes flowing to u automatically when u have the tremendous positive desire to have it. whatever be the situations circumstances may be if u desire u have it infront of u.. some of u may take it as oh my god how come... but when ur mind seems to be radiating all the vibes in the universe that u want as much bucks aa possible there aint a chance that u wont get it. so try this out just think n have faith that u r gonna have it no matter how why or from where..its always a mind game... and when god has given u such a powerful mind than it is possible to be a billionare like anyone else who are staying throughout their life on forbes list... just think n have the desire n take the right steps at right time n u have it in abundance.. and one more thing be happy be like a sweet baby smiming at u alll the time...
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