Does anyone else use a publishing website and have good tips?

@donteg (25)
February 11, 2009 9:55am CST
I'm using one of those publishing sites and I'm getting 1 penny a day with 4 articles and 5 pending anyone got any tips. Or does anyone have any ideas about what I could write about random ideas will do.
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11 Feb 09
I haven't tried Triond, but with most article sites, it's about quantity as well as quality: the more content you have, the more it will be seen and the more revenue you will generate. I tend to come up with ideas fairly randomly and too rarely for my liking - but I figure it's better to write a few things well. Sometimes it can be REALLY surprising to see what's popular: it's hardly ever the ones I would expect it to be!
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@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
16 Feb 09
i am using, bukisa and associated content. but they are part time. i am doing them for fun on the side. does anyone know of any full time online writing places? i am running out of ideas too. i am always ask internet friends on my pages to give me ideas. how about write about what u know best. something u do well, and u would like to teach others to do. how about Green Life, certain exercise, diets, clothes, food, animal care, child care, romance, etc.
@jane239 (521)
21 Feb 09
I write for Helium and have so far made over $100 and been paid with no problems. I've just signed up with Triond and a few similar sites. With a lot of these sites you only get paid on page views so it's promoting your articles that you need to focus on. You could try traffic exchanges to promote your url for any article but this is time consuming. You could also bookmark the pages on social bookmark sites Or you can sent e mails out to 1000 people via a get paid for e mail site. These can sometimes cost as little as $1.40 and if your getting $3.50 for a thousand views then there's a profit. You could also try mechanical turk for article writing work.
@katsalot1 (1619)
11 Feb 09
I joined up to Triond about three weeks ago and have had a few articles and photos published there. You don't get paid very much, it depends on how many people view your work. It is good site though, because you get feedback from other members, and helps build your confidence in writing. There is a link on my profile page under the daffodil.