All the negativity has done went to my head!!!!!! It is driving me crazy!!!

United States
February 11, 2009 12:36pm CST
So, I responded to a discussion about laptops. Whaich kind do you have and do you like it. Yes, I love my laptop. But you know that rule about reading all the responses before you post. So, I read them and noticed that there was a lot of negativity about the laptop I have, an Acer. I have only had it like 2 months nad it has really been a good one so far. Right after I responded to that my computer shuts down right in the middle of me working with no warning to save anything and my screen says that it is updating and do not turn it off. Well that is fine but like 20 times my internet has had to be restarted because it is not responding. It has done this a few times since I have had it but not this much in one day. It is driving me crazy. Now I feel like I have a problem. I have Mozilla Firefox also but like Internet Explorer better because it will open three tabs everytime you pull it up. It brings up my e-mail, myLot, and Facebook. Maybe I need to try switching to Firefox all the time and see if this helps. I really do not know if it is my computer or Internet Explorer itself. It seems it is Internet Explorer but Who Knows???? It is driving me up the wall though.
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• Turkey
11 Feb 09
1. On firefox, if you set your homepage like this||www.facebook.xom it will open up 3 tabs when you open it up. 2. You might want to get a system optimiser, or system cleaner to get rid of crashes. 3. You might also want to check your operation system for errors, using chkdsk.exe using run command.
@jason1308 (1587)
• France
12 Feb 09
I would say that most of your problems are related to using Internet Explorer as using it is like leaving the back door to your house open when you go out. As a previous post has said you can open Firefox with multiple tabs if you wish. The problem now is that the damage might be done as you have been using IE, so what I would suggest is downloading CCleaner or FCleaner, its a free download which when run will get rid of half the unnecessary junk, then download a copy of Spyware Begone or Sptyware Vanisher, again both are free downloads, and these will get rid of all your spyware that Internet explorer has allowed to get in. Then just do regular checks every week or so and you should notice a big difference. Hope this helps.