What dream make you scream when sleep

February 11, 2009 3:33pm CST
Last nigt a have bad dream. Likely I chased by crazy man. He almost nuddle and his hair is mussy. He bring a broom too. I scare and runaway. He follow me. When I get turn to right he allow. And when turn to left he still allow. Finally I come into home and I hide under bed. He still follow and looking for me. I am so scare and wanna scream help to anybody , but nobody here. I prayed to God, hope that he can't find me. And what surprise then. His legs was on the bed. He sing a song while looking for me. And when he saw I'm not there. He just leave the bed. But something happen. Unrealized I was coughed. Although I close my mouth with hands, couged was heard. Oh no... crazy man come to me.And he was look around and saw under bed. I founded. I try refrain from him. But he almost hold me. Then I scream. And I wake up. This is a bed dream. Anybody have same way like me ?
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@med889 (5953)
4 Sep 09
I remember to have watched the movie "Reunion Sanglante" then I had a bad dream, I dreamt that someone has inserted nails in my finger and I was screaming a lot and loudly also, my brother whose room is next to me came hurriedly and I woke up. It was such a bad dream because I felt as if the pain while the girl(in my dream) was giving to me.
@mye_drew (182)
• Israel
3 Jun 09
a dream makes me screaming is..if i dream about a ghost,.oftenly im screaming if im in a bad situation of dreaming,.like if i cant move and its hard to breath but i feel awake but still cant move my body,.i know that this situation is called nightmare...isnt it??have you ever been experience also like this?
@dpk262006 (56752)
• Delhi, India
18 Apr 09
It appears scary. I once screamed when I saw myself meeting with an accident, when I hit the other car with my car i.e. head on collision. I kept thinking in my dream how could I not control myself and rammed myself to the other car. However, when I got up, I realized that it was only a bad dream.
@Ratris (79)
• Indonesia
16 Feb 09
Yes I have same experience. I dream as I chased by ghost and it will kill me. It brought knife in its hands. Then I fall into ground and.. it still chase me. Now it closer to me and closer my face. The knife will jabed to my face.. then I screamed and wake up. That is terrible dream that I ever dream.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
12 Feb 09
My sister was having a nightmere and yelled look there is man with a knife! I was in sleep paraylsis, I could not move... and then I screamed. I felt so silly, but I was so mad at my sister too. That was the first time and still to date the only time I screamed in my sleep the first time I really did a scream in my hole life, but I was really sick too, and exhausted... I was not screaming cause I was afraid of the man, I was screaming cause I could not move, and I want to get up and beat him, and run him off :) - DNatureofDTrain.