Do you believe in fate or life is predestined?

February 12, 2009 12:32am CST
Do you believe in fate or life is predestined? Do you believe that everything in your life is being decided the moment you are born? Do you believe that no matter how hard we tried, we cant break through our fated life? I will say a story here and it will reflects what i believe. Once upon a time, there is a highly respected monk, that have already attained the skills of reading future. He forecast that his young disciple will die in a months time. He didnt mentioned this to him, and just sent him home for a break, in hope he see his parents one last time for his journey of life end. A month later, his disciple return to the monk, and he is shocked to see his disciple return. He asked during this month, and the young disciple done any good deeds? He mentioned that during his journey back home, its raining heavily, he saw an ants nest nearly being flooded by the rain.. with leaves and sticks, he actually placed a bridge in order for the ants to escape from the nest to safety. Such acts actually extend his lifespan by saving thousands of ants. Believe it or not, this is my belief. In life, same as science, every action have a reaction! Do not believe in life predestined. You create your own life!
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• China
12 Feb 09
hi,i do not know wheather i believe it or not,i have thought about the fate and life for a long time,but i still can not sure what i live for,if the life is predestined,no matter how hard i work,i cant change me life. have a nice day!
• Singapore
16 Feb 09
well, predestined is very difficult to say.. for example, if you work hard, you got successful in life, you may say its predestined that you are successful. If you dont work hard, you may say you are predestined to lead a simple life... Summery, Work Hard, its your life, control it!~ Cheers and happy mylotting~