Explorers of the Human Body

@akiira (97)
February 12, 2009 12:33am CST
So, has anyone seen this korean variety show? If you haven't, and you're a super junior fan, you really, really should. It's absolutely hilarious (and educational). It aired in 2007, and all Super Junior members make an appearance! Each episode focuses on one or two key areas e.g. taste, smell, laughing, tears, etc. Also, DBSK make an appearance in episodes 9&10.
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@kiki2694 (11)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 10
YES! EHB was the first variety show I've watched. And that's why now I'm addicted to KPOP. I always LOL-ing when I re-watched it. I swear, it'll become your relaxation things if you got stressed. LMAO. There's so many unforgetable moments. My fav episode is when MC asked Yesung, "What sport do you like/do?" and Yesung answers, "I collected bugs". hhahaha and I started to love them by that day :p
• Philippines
1 Feb 10
yup, i watched every single episode of EHB and I always laugh like crazy with tears in my eyes. I wish there's a revival (i tot there will be last year). I totally love the eps DBSK vs SJ...also the pool, Kangin is so a bully!
@chazzief (237)
• Malaysia
1 Feb 10
I love the show so much! It's really educational and a mind-opener too and what a good idea to have famous group to co-host it, because it can attract people to watch the show. I was surprised to know about so many science theories and of course having fun watching the boys being a dork!
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
Yes, this show is an absolute love! Haha. I can watch it over and over again!
• China
12 Feb 09
I like SJ very much,especially Hangeng. He is so nice that I can not imagine with any words.