do you like the present tag teams in wwe?

February 12, 2009 2:08am CST
hi friends.i was watching wrestling for about a year now after a long break .it is still good with some new super stars .some good matches for champion ships but there was one thing missing.a good tag team championship match.think back during the era of hardy boys and dudley boys and edge and christian and the ever famous TLC matches.tag team championship was something as worthy as a wwe championship that time and all those matches were good but at present do u think we got a good tag team or some good tag team matches?miz and morrison ,ok.but there is no one else.carlito and prmio were not that impressive.jesse and the other guy.not that good.ryder and hawkins,cant remember the last time they won anything.ok there is debiase and rhodes but no one else.may be they should give up those tag tam championship matches
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@arcidy (5013)
• United States
16 Feb 09
I hate the tag team division in the wwe now. I think its a lost cause the only real good tag team is john morrison and the miz and chody rhodes and ted dibiase. Really The tag team division seems just to be for them to put two wrestlers together who arent doing anything and need something to do now of these days. And I really wish they would only have one title since they dont need two tag team titles.
@iamsree (441)
• India
14 Feb 09
i agree that there should only be on tag team title....
@Marcola (2774)
• United States
13 Feb 09
I think the problem is that there are two sets of tag champions and the titles are seen as pretty much worthless. On Smackdown, you've got Carlito and Primo, who are two busy flirting with the Bella Twins. Hawkins and Ryder have been reduced to jobber status. Same goes with Jesse and Festus. (These two should've had the tag belts by now.) Then, we've got The Brian Kendrick occasionally teaming with Zeke, and they've already lost to the Colons. Now on Raw, the World tag team champions are Miz and Morrison. (Who are apparently immune from the brand extension.) There's Cryme Time-who seem popular enough with the crowd-but have already jobbed to Miz and Morrison and Priceless numerous times. Priceless (Rhodes and Dibiase) are busy helping Randy Orton and don't seem interested in getting the gold back. So, I guess the tag teams are ok. In my opinion, they never should've split up Deuce and Domino and then fired Domino. Now, that was a cool and unique tag team. I guess they could have Sim Snuka and Manu become a team, but WWE decides not to use them. The early part of this decade with Edge and Christian, The Hardys, The Dudley Boys, The APA, Too Cool and others along with only ONE set of tag team belts was a better time for tag team wrestling.