Great, Now my printer just died #@*&@### it!

@Loverbear (4928)
United States
February 12, 2009 3:08am CST
You're looking at the subject and thinking to yourselves, "Why isn't she putting this in computers or life or something like that?" Bear with me and you'll find out why in a minute or two. I tried earlier today to print out some paperwork and the computer wasn't printing. I finally figured out the glitch, I had another printer programed into my desk top unit. (If any of you are following my posts, you'll know that my sister's dog destroyed my lap top by dumping a glass of wine into the keyboard. At least it died happy!) So, after my BF left tonight, I decided to print out that paperwork I didn't print earlier. I flicked on the computer, the monitor, the reading light and the printer. Right!! The computer, monitor and reading light worked fine. The printer started making funny noises...I MEAN REALLY FUNNY NOISES!!! Usually it prints out a test page and it wasn't doing that. So I got down to printer level (it's under the computer desk. I have the cpu on top because if I don't the dog will pee on it...but that's another story) anyhow I soon learned that was a BIG mistake!! (Here's the hint...this is where the cats come into the story!) I'm sitting on the floor looking into the printer that is sitting on this little table that I found to set it on...when it starts firing little things at me like a machine gun. I'm sitting there like a dope getting pelted with strange HARD things that aren't bits of machinery. I finally frantically jerk the plug and it stops. I pick up a few of the little hard things and find out that its, of all things, cat kibble! I knew that Khuay was dropping kibble on the floor, but I thought it was stuff he didn't like and was feeding it to the dog. The floor was the dog ate it up. So I shook what I figured was all the kibble out of the printer, and plugged it back in and restarted it. Yeah, right!!! Bad move Loverbear! You know better than that. I again was pelted with cat kibble, paper and more kibble. Talk about nightmares! When the paper and kibble ran out, the darned thing decided to spit ink at me. Fortunately it was one of my old old shirts that I was wearing so it didn't matter. I managed to get it unplugged, but not until my left hand was full of printer ink. As it was finally giving up the ghost, it shot about half a dozen springs out into the middle of the room as a final kick of it's legs. Well to add insult to injury, the cats were watching from my sewing table, and I swear I heard them laughing!!! After the computer gave up the ghost, Khuay came sauntering along and calmly started eating all the kibble the darned printer spit at me. AAAAARRRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! If they were getting an allowance I would take it away, it'd almost be worth giving them one to take it away!! But on the same token I have to laugh because it had to look funnier than heck my getting pelted by all the stored up cat food! I just wish at times I could crawl into Khuay's mind and figure out what he's thinking. I know it is him because he does tend to hide things, and he was fascinated with the printer. He shoved his paw in it time after time to find the mouse that was making all that noise inside. So, now you know the story of the dying printer and why it ended up in "Cats" discussion! Please, have a good laugh, because even though it's annoying, I think it's funnier than heck!
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@pyewacket (44032)
• United States
13 Feb 09
LOL--Honestly should write a book about your adventures with you furbabies,...especially all the shenanigans Khuay puts you give such a good description of being pelted by the kibble I can actually see it happening. As far as crawling into his mind...I think a LOT of us pet owners would just love to know what our babies are thinking about.
@ElicBxn (61149)
• United States
12 Feb 09
And now we know why I don't let the cats around my computer equipment. Heck, Timus would think it was a brand new spot to pee.
• United States
12 Feb 09
HI Elic: LOL! That story was hysterical wasn't it?? LOLOLOL!!!!
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@winterose (39895)
• Canada
14 Feb 09
absolutely hilarious
@jerzgirl (8170)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
12 Feb 09
OMFG, LB - I think I'd have a VERY hard time finding something amusing about this. My step-grandkids did something very much like this once to my word processor (pre-computer days) and I was irate! As much as I love my cats, it would be difficult for me to smile over this one - at least not for several days, weeks or months!! Wow - artillery fire, huh? There's a weapon of mass destruction a certain administration didn't count on or look for, huh? The mental image is hilarious, but the painfulness of it in real time hurts even from here!!