if you won 50 million dollars from the lottery, what would you do?

February 12, 2009 3:37am CST
if i won that much money i'd buy 3 houses: 1 in the city, 1 near the beach and another one in the country. so if i need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, i could always go near the ocean and have early morning walks along beach, have breakfast in my balcony and bask in the sun. after buying the houses that i want, i would look for solid investment (maybe a number of them because our worldwide economy is unstable) and make my money work for me. then i would get a less stressful job, maybe as a clerk, a librarian, a nanny or a job that i would really enjoy like a singer in a luxury hotel bar or putting up a photography studio. i would travel the world not in style but more like backpack. of course this would be more fun if done my boyfriend. i would like to take my mom mom all over the world too but it would be tourist destinations this time because backpacking would not be enjoyable to her. during those travels i would take lots and lots of pictures with the DSLR that i am dreaming of buying. i would also give my folks a substantial amount so they won't have to work another day in their life. then i would pay this forward and help as much as i can to people who are in need in the hope that they would do the same when the time comes that they're already out of their dire situation.
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• Philippines
12 Feb 09
50 million WHOA that is a lot of money. I will buy a house and lot. Open up a business that can help me in the future. Donate to the charity. Save the rest to the bank.
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
yeah, basically that's what most people want to do. but don't you think saving most of it in the bank nowadays is not that good a thing to do. they could suddenly go under or something... and they only insure up to a certain amount. have you ever had any outrageous idea on how to spend that much money???