life without passion,is it pointless?

@carl76 (123)
February 12, 2009 4:46am CST
i don't claim to be the most sensible of people but i feel that a life spent trying not to give in to passion is a life wasted,the one true joy we can get from life revolves around passion and desire,it seems a waste to ignore it!what do you think?
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@teka44 (3420)
• Brazil
12 Feb 09
Hi carl. I agree with you. Life without passion is nothing. We need to have passion on what we do. We must believe in something we do and feel the passion from this belief. I always felt passion in my life about what I did. It makes me feel good when things comes right and feel a sensation of work well done when things comes wrong. Have a nice day.
12 Feb 09
Hi carl, You can have passion for number of things in life and many people have passion for the things they do like hobbies reading writing etc., I have a passion for writing poetry. Tamara