When you're not getting what you want...

February 12, 2009 8:28am CST
I've been living away from my husband for almost two years now. I'm living in a rural place and he's islands away from because of work. Compare to United States, I'm living in the country side, he's living in Hollywood. And so he get's the chance to be where-ever near the movie actresses and actors. And me as a regular fanatic, wants the position he is in. I've been asking him if he could ask for an autograph from any prestigious actor/actress. He can't. I told myself, okay. He's not the type of guy who would run into some famous actor/actress, screaming for their autograph. I understand, even though they are just inches away from him. I've been bugging him, making jokes (that he knows are really half-meant) that he should join a game show. He would just laugh. I told him, just for fun and excitement, and the thrill of being the center of attention. I've been watching the television and even if I'm not the one playing, I have the chills for what'll happen. How much more for the actual player? So knowing that I can't be in that game show, I want him to at least experience it, for me. But he doesn't want it because it's in front of the camera. He doesn't like it because of the VTR and everything. I said, okay. I can still understand. But here's the thing. This morning, he told me he's going to a dance audition with his officemates. Those who qualified for the audition will be dancing for a TV commercial. I mean, it's still in front of the camera, isn't it? They didn't make it though. But the thing is, I feel really awful since he told me he's going to an audition. I've been persuading him for months for that game show but he always say no. But now his friends told him to audition, he'd go right away. I know dancing is his passion, but he's already been part of their company's dance group. Besides, he will also like the feeling of excitement in that game show. But he repeatedly declined. I feel really awful because I'm his wife, yet he listened more to his officemates than to me. I felt like being excluded...disregarded. How about you? How will you feel about this situation, when you ask something from your partner, he/she can't give it to you? But when it comes to his/her friends, he/she will come running?
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