It's my friend's 1st death year anniversary

February 12, 2009 12:04pm CST
Friday, the 13th is my very dear friend's 1st year anniversary. His name is Nikki. He died last year and it was no ordinary death. He committed suicide due to depression. I heard about the news the other day, Valentine's day, and now, I would always look Valentine's as the day I lose a friend. It was so sad. I didn't know that he would do it. He's such a jolly person and I didn't know that he has problems and he's keeping it to himself. I'm really missing him. Guys, please help me pray for the soul of Nikki. I hope that he is in peace now.
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@josephb (219)
• Malta
12 Feb 09
that's horrible but listen , I'm sure that your friend doesn't want you sad on valentines day he wants you to have a wonderful life , he wants you to enjoy your life to the full and he prayes from you up there, if you love him you have to let hom go , not forget about him or never miss him that little bit but you have to keep going on
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• Philippines
12 Feb 09
That's a nice message but I guess, I just can't help but get sad whenever this time comes. I'll go to the church later on to light him a candle and to pray for him. I'll always miss him. I will take your advice and try to move on with my life as positively as I can. Thanks a lot for those kind words.
• Trinidad And Tobago
13 Feb 09
losing somone isnt easy, but u gotta understand everyone has to go somday. everyone was sent here for a purpose and once dat purpose is served, ure time just expired. i dont wanna sound like a preacher or nothing, but dat is somthing lots of people fail to see
• Canada
12 Feb 09
I do understand how you feel I lost my soulmate to suicicde as well.I will pray for you and his soul.try to remember the goodtimes
• Philippines
12 Feb 09
I'm sorry for your loss, too. Thanks for the prayer and yeah, I sure would remember everything about him.