Your Favorite Color!!!

February 13, 2009 3:40am CST
Hey there, Anybody believe in Astrology...........if yes, tell me your color and I will try to reveal what it say for you!!! Furthermore, Give me your Date of Birth (Month, Date, and Year) and I will predict qualities of Your Personality!!! Any other Astrology related questions are also welcomed.....
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@sdwfstone (130)
• China
14 Feb 09
i believe in Astrology my favorite color is white my birthday is 06 28 1988 what can you tell me? i'm hoping for your responces...
• India
17 Feb 09
Sorry Buddy, was out of town; tahts y got delayed in reply!!! Here we go....
• India
17 Feb 09
If your favorite color is White, then these should be qualities of your personality: Naive, Innocent, Neutral, Shy, Serious, Stubborn, Ethical, Honnest, and Self Important!!! According to your B'Day, i.e., June 28th, predictions for you are as follows: You have the ability to lead and inspire others just by being true to yourself. Your natural grace and dignity enables you to resonate with the highter stratospheres of life. You are independent and keep a lot of your personal thoughts and feelings to yourself. Being selective you are able to choose your associates wisely. Your personal color resonates with sunshine. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Orange Ochre inspires optimism and joy and dissolves any illusion of separateness you may feel. Thank You!! Bbye and God Bless!!!