You're having WHAT???

February 13, 2009 8:15am CST
Some of you know about my aunt and the issues we have had in the past. We have been very close for about 2 years now. People actually think we are sisters because we are so close in age. well anyways, a few months back she started dating this guy and moving realllllly fast with him. week 1, he moved in, week 2, he wanted to marry her and week 3, they wanted to have a baby together.... No I as very skeptical of this guy because it as just tooo fast. I said my piece about it to her and have not said anything since and about 2 months ago she told us all that she is pregnant. We are all happy for her because she is the only one of my aunts that has no kids(due to her ex husband being sterile). Shes 34 and her bf is 47. A few days ago she woke up bleeding so she went to the hospital thinking something was wrong and they booked her an ultrasound for yesterday. She went and a few hours later she called me so I asked how did it go? and she said "better than expected" and I said "oh yea why is that?" Well the ultrasound tech told her she is having TWINS!!! Everyone since before she got pregnant was bugging her and saying she ould have them and look.... Now she is LMAO. I didn't believe it til like the end of the conversation LOL Our family and her bf's family don't have twins in the family so this is weird. Have you ever experienced having twins? Has your family experience having twins? What was your biggest fear?
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@AmbiePam (51194)
• United States
13 Feb 09
Wow! Once the ball got rolling for her, it got bigger didn't it? Not just a baby, but twins! Twins do run in my mom's side of the family. It seems every other generation has a set. They usually are fraternal twins though, not identical. According to the pattern, my sister should be the one having twins. She would love to I think. I don't know what her husband would think though. I'm sure one at a time is enough for him.
• Canada
13 Feb 09
Yep it definitely did get a whole lot bigger LOL i think one at a time is enough for everyone lol we just learn to adapt.