People are so nosey!

@stinge (810)
United States
February 13, 2009 1:23pm CST
The other day I was at the gym. Across the street there's a Taco Bell. Through the window of the gym, I noticed 2 guys walking into the side entrance of the Taco Bell. One of them had his pants pretty much hanging around his ankles. About 15 minute later I noticed a police car at the side entrance in the parking lot, and 2 officers were obviously questioning someone. I couldn't really see from inside the gym because it wasn't directly across from Taco Bell for me to see who the officers were questioning. But I was pretty sure it was the 2 guys who had the pants hanging off his a$$! And of course I was right as I went outside to see the guy sitting on the ground in handcuffs, while I stood there pointing and laughing LOL. Just kidding. But the thing that I'm getting at, is there were maybe several of us who went outside to see what was going on, and then we went back inside,or at least I did. There was this group of guys who were walking down the street before I went outside, that came to a complete stop and stood and watched for the whole 30 minutes. I mean these guys were dressed in business suits, and actually pulled out their cigarette's and stood there to look. Eventually they all left, as there's really no excitement in seeing someone get questioned by the cops. But there was this one guy in the gym who went outside who stood there the whole entire time, and was shaking his head in amazement. He made a phone call, probably telling someone that he was watching 2 guys get arrested. After the cops pulled off with the suspects, this dude walks back into the gym smiling in telling all the people at the front desk what happened. Like they couldn't see it themselves! It was right across the street. I know that people are always going to be curious in wanting to know what's going one during an arrest. I myself went outside to look about 15 minuted after the cops showed up. Mainly because 3 more squad cars came after the 1st one. But the suspects were just sitting on the ground getting booked. There's no point in wasting my workout to see a couple of guys on a regular arrest. Now if the cops were chasing them on foot, and they were resisting that would have been worth my while. Hell, I would've been running down the street with the police just so I wouldn't miss the action. One must really have a suck a$$ life to stand and watch 2 loser's sitting on the ground in handcuffs for 40 minutes.
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