What would you say if i told you that someone made over $40,000 from a ptc site?

February 13, 2009 2:43pm CST
well I wasnt joking this guy made over 40 thousand dollars from neobux.com. this is just one of his payments http://www.neobux.com/forum/f/100/?frmid=5&tpcid=41962 you think this is hard well its not. I can personnally guide you on how you could make a similar ammount but first there is a few requirements: 1) Not quick money so you would need to invest something like 10 minutes a day 2) you need to be able to click 30-60 seconds adverts 3) and you need to have a alertpay or paypal account 4) you will neve be asked for money by me or by neobux unless you want to buy refferals which can speed up earnings but is not a nessitity. The techniques i will share with you a very unique and a method i have proved in person, i can help you earn a few hundred dollars extra each month. If you interested then all you need to do is sign up using my NEOBUX.COM refferal link which can be found in my profile Note that i will only help my refferals, i will tell you step by step guide and i will reply to your emails if you get stuck or have a question. after signing up please email me your username at abdulmalik_2@live.com and i will help you if you are my refferal. you can also post reply here for questions.
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• Romania
13 Feb 09
you can have huge profit... if u invest lot of moneys ! No invest.. no profit.. this is clearly !
13 Feb 09
i havent invested anything ever in my life i just use my earnings to buy refferals from the same site and i make a decent amount.
• United States
13 Feb 09
i can not get on this site for some reason it sucks i wanted to try it out but i guess i cant
13 Feb 09
sorry i put a incorrect link try this one to see proof of his earnings http://www.neobux.com/forum/?frmid=5&tpcid=41962