valentines day, how to show it

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February 13, 2009 8:23pm CST
I'm kinda new here, and I would like to introduce myself, I think it's rude to start up a discussion without introducing myself first. My name is Ma. Victoria San Jose, from the Philippines, I like writing and reading and crafting... anything that will keep my mind going. I am also a very sentimental person, that even the slightest emotion emitted by another person that I even don't know will make me cry as long as I can relate to that situation... and I love my family very much, that's why I decided, since it's Valentines day, I would like to start a discussion on how we express our feelings towards those we love, not only our better halves or our partners but to those close to out hearts, our parents, siblings and friends... Let me start by telling you how i express love to my loved ones.... I am s typical stay at home mommy with a very hyper son, after my husband goes out for work, the two of us are left at home by ourselves, I usually do all the house chores, cleaning, cooking, washing our clothes and keeping the house neat and tidy, and of course on top of that, I tend to my only sons needs and wants.... this sometimes takes a toll on my patience, making me grouchy at times to my husband, but today is valentines day.... I show him how much I love him by giving in to all his wishes and pampering him and making him happy, at least for as song as I can... HOW ABOUT YOU?......
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14 Feb 09
Welcome to mylot, Ma. Victoria! I hope you enjoy mylotting, meeting online friends and learning stuff around. Just like you,I am a Filipina but I now live in the US with my husband.If there's anything I can be of assistance with, just PM me! have a happy valentines day!