Help!! my Notebook Have Something Wrong!!

February 14, 2009 6:17am CST
Yesterday night, i open my notebook. When the log on screen appear, it turn into a blue screen. I reset it again and try to open it again. the blue screen appear again. I think its some kind of virus. then, i format my notebook. but, when the format come to 80%-90% finish, it shutdown and reset by itself. Now i don't know what to do. i have format it all over the night but it still not success.Now i cannot open my notebook because it don't have windows unless the format process successful. what should i do? this month i have lag of money. If i went to the shop or repair the notebook at the center, i think they will charge me a high price. For information, my notebook is DELL vostro 1400.
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@Tom728 (175)
• United States
12 Oct 09
I had a similare problem. The best thing to do is get a screw driver and find the hard drive, you can look up what it looks like online. Then order the part from the website, install and your all set. Problem is that you need a OS system cd and they can go for hundreds or at least one hundred. But the labor really wouldn't cost that much.
• India
19 Feb 09
Well it can be a possible cause of your damaged hardware. You can perform hardware testing through many bootable hardware checking system disks. Try installing Linux. If the Linux OS installs successfully then it is clear that your hardware is not damaged. I dont know Y u have formatted. The blue screen would have been appeared due to Software Faults that occured during boot process. You would have logged in in Safe Mode and then analyse which software was causing the problem and then uninsatll that software. Another method was to activate system resotre point from safe mode. (You can press F8 during the bootup process to go to list of choices of the SAFE MODE, LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION THAT WORKED etc. etc. )