Why buy china phones?

@huxen69 (118)
February 14, 2009 8:53am CST
We all know that most of the china phones are of not good quality, so the question arises, WHY DO WE STILL BUY THEM KNOWING THIS? Speaking of this, I, myself use a china phone, The model is A8+ which is a iPhone clone. I bought it because I wanted to have and iPhone, but I could not afford a real iPhone. Now I'm interested in knowing why most other people buy china phones.I think it seems like a good discussion!
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@kumarpslv (3216)
• India
15 Feb 09
The people moved towards chinal mobiles because of its cheaper price for its features.Their large diplay, and music system incorporated within them, TVs Games and they are having much more features. But if you look of the quality of these features, it seems very worst. Most of the touch screens are not workinf. Short battery back up time. Lack of IMEI number,.. Abnormal radiation hazardous to our health...Now people are changingm ie moving away from china mobiles
@krajibg (11932)
• Guwahati, India
14 Feb 09
Though I do not own a china made cell phone hut have seen them. They are popular particularly among the youth who wish to have a lot of features with lesser price. Yes, lesser price and all facility. They are big and slim and in various sizes. For seven or eight thousand of Indian currency a much sophisticated cell phone can be bought but there is a problem. They have no guarantee. Besides the batty life is shorter and there is a hang problem. I am not talking against China made cell phone but what I have observed in their true form. I too wanted to but one but resisted till date.